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Full Name: Ham The Pirate
Nickname/Alias: Ham
Meaning: No Real meaning to his name.
Origin: My name is jamon ham is spanish for jamon so there it is
Title: -Sama (Ham-sama the pirate)
Signature: Messy

Gender Role: Acts masculine when he needs to but also acts feminine to at times.
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: 20-ish?
Age Appearance: 20
Birthday: He forgot his birthday
Deathday: ??/??/????
Birthplace: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Immediate Family: Unknown
Distant Family: His sister (rival) he doesn't really know anything about
Parenting: Raised by his sister she was very strict
Upbringing: To kill all the
Infancy: He was disregarded a lot sense his sister was a warrior in the army of there planet
Childhood: There world was always in terrible conditions he had a tough time as a child
Adolescence: He grew to learn how to fight for his own and joined the army, in battle he was blasted to earth his crash let to him losing his memories.
Adulthood: He still acts as if he was a teenager or younger but steps in and acts like a man when he is needed for battle.

Species: Tarxians.
Ethnicity: Low class in tarxian society.
Blood Type: Unknown
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Dark green.
Hair Color Gunky pale green.
Hairstyle: Short and messy.
Skin Tone: Tanned.
Complexion: Rough.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Long legs, arms, torso.
Height: 7'2
Weight: 220Lbs
Facial Hair: Tries to shave when it grows in sometimes not.
Shoe Size: 15 (US)
Birthmarks/scars: Has a "x" shaped scar on right side of chest.
Distinguishing Features: Baggy eyes

Health: Its as much as a zoo full of animals but never gains any really weight.
Energy: Has enormous amounts of energy.
Memory: Lost his memory due to an accident but can remember everything sense then.
Senses: Smell and taste are his top senses.
Allergies: No allergies.
Handicaps: No handicaps.
Medication: No meds.
Phobias: People hearing him breathe.
Addictions: Root beer.
Mental Disorders: Bipolar Disorder.

Style: Pirate get-up.
Mode of Dress: Disorganized.
Grooming: Messy.
Posture: Slouches.
Gait: Extremely fast in battle but slow moving out side of battle.
Coordination: Can unlock his strengths in a single thought for battle.
Habits and Mannerisms: Taps his feet when he is nervous.
Scent: Root beer and salt water.

Mood: Happy, drunk.
Attitude: Mellow
Stability: Not stable at all
Expressiveness: He explodes all and every emotion felt.
When Happy: Drinks root beer.
When Depressed: Drinks root beer.
When Angry: Drinks root beer.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: Oh a pirate ship.
Community: He has plenty of loyal crew members.
Family: His sister Caroline
Friends: Kriggud, Shock, Ayame, Megan, Marvin, Ram, Rated.
Enemies: Black matter and victor Hudges.
Followers: His crew and friends
Rivals: His sister.
Pets/Familiars: His pet rock named shameless

Wardrobe: Casual pirate wear.
Equipment: Any Massive sword
Accessories: Anchor tattoo on his lower left side.
Trinkets: necklace made of jade
Funds: Tons of cash.
Home: His captain quarters stink of ass and root beer
Neighborhood: He lives on sea dood.
Transportation: Dood, i told he he lives on sea dood.
Collections: Massive swords.
Most valuable possession: "The kings wretched butcher blade"
Prized Possession: "Blanky" His most often used sword

Lovers: Lolis
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: He gets it when there is a loli on in his crew who wants it.
Turn-Ons: Flat chest, short, cute face. (likes girls who are bigger too just prefers lolis)
Turn Offs: Ugly face
Fetishes: loli, bondage.
Virginity: Idk with most of the lolis on his crew and a couple of woman sized girls aswell
Element: Water

Occupation: Pirate, Odd jobs work
Work Ethnic: Works hard that is why he has so much money.
Rank: Captain
Income: 1,000 to 1,500 each job
Wealth Status: Upper
Experience: In fighting

IQ: Low.
Education: Low.
School: Does not attend school.
Social Stereotype: weirdo, pervert.

Morals: He thinks the strong she get there ass kicked if they are pussy enough to fuck with the weak.
Motivation: Friendship.
Priorities: 1st:friends 2nd: working out lost memories.
Philosophy: Live life the way you thought you would as a kid: fun
Etiquette: Poor.
Influences: Ayame and kriggud are big influences on ham
Relates to: Rated the Killer and his past
Traditions: celebrates: halloween and x-mas
Superstitions: Bad voodoo

Main Goal: Finding planet, recovering memories.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Finding his sister.
Desires: All root beer.
Wishlist: Root beer maker
Biggest Failure: Losing to his sister many times before.
Secrets: Has wet dreams about certain crew members he never had sexual contact with.
Regrets: Not killing black matter when he had the chance.
Worries: When his memories return will he be the same ham he created on earth.
Best Dream:  Having a wet dream about- *gets shot*.
Worst Nightmare: Slowly killing his friends with his other worldly powers.
Best Memories: Starting the crew with kriggud and ayame.
Worst Memories: Fighting his sister

Hobbies/Interests: Board games mostly chess
Skills/Talents: Is a master at chess and sword fighting
Likes: Root beer, The black chess pieces, ocean water, his bed.
Dislikes: Not having root beer.
Sense of Humor: Dark, dirty, childish.
Pet Peeves: Annoying senseless noise
Quirks: sleeps with his eyes open
Closet Hobby: Long hair.
Guilty Pleasure: Feeling threw hair.

Strengths: has a shoulder to lean on and very protective
Flaws: Gets drunk regardless of time.
Conflicts: All the lolis and he can't obtain this because a lot of them think he is disgusting.
Instincts: Love
Soft Spot: Crying girls
Cruel Streak: Acting like a asshole to prove your point

Powers/Abilities: controls water to make it do anything he pleases
Origin: Born with them
Source: Hand motion.
Ability: Can breathe under water
Weaknesses: weakness is ice/freezing
Immunities: Fire
Restrictions: There has to be a source of water for him to his powers
Alternate Forms: Lizard form, Dark matter form.
Extra Anatomy: When in lizard form he grows a tail about 5,1 long and his hands grow scales and begin to grow larger,
webbed feet that have also became larger.

Favorite Colors: Green.
Favorite Flavors: Sweet.
Favorite Foods:Steak.
Favorite Drinks: root beer.
Favorite Characters: Puppy the Sea lover (masccot for his faveorite root beer brand).
Favorite Words: Fuck.

Least Favorite Colors: Purple.
Least Favorite Flavors: Sour.
Least Favorite Foods: Llama beans.
Least Favorite Drinks: Any other thing that is not root beer.

Languages: English.
Voice: Low pitched.
Speech Impediments: Stutters when nervous.
Greetings and Farewells: Very excited with his greetings and farewells.
State of Mind: Depends on his mood.
Compliment: "uh... you l-look nice tod-day".
Expletive: Cusses like a sailor. (pun intended)
Laughter: Deep and loud.
Tag Line: "Heheheheh"
Signature Quote: "Thats It!"

Reputation: Big help or Huge Pervert.
First Impressions: Childish.
Stranger Impressions: Werido.
Friendly Impressions: A nice guy.
Enemy Impressions: Fucking retard.
Compliments: Nice guy, Hard worker, Great Captain!
Insults: Asshole, Stupid, Slow, Bastard.
Self-Impression: Lost.

Enneagram: The Achiever

Role: Captain of the Ham Pirates.
Fulfillment: Wonderfully.
Alignment: Good.
Comparison: Guts of a lion, Power of a Shark.
Song: The is a shark attack by skrillex
Vice: Gluttony, Lust, Sloth.
Virtue: Charity, Kindness.
Defining Moment: Fighting for the right reason
Tropes: "The moment i stop doing my job and working along with my friends is the moment i die."
Originality: Ham is the hero who does not have to do hero things to get them done him and his crew are his own people who do things by the rules the came up with to best the rest of the world and reach greatness in them sleves and others
One Word: Zealous

Character Sheet Character-Resource
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